Palmistry is the art or science of  reading one’s palm to obtain results about his/her life past and future. The roots of palmistry are set in countries like India and China. In these countries, it is believed that the successful study of palmistry will help one in determining his/her luck factor, what works what not for his life events. In the domain of Vedic astrology, Palmistry is considered one of the important milestone to conduct studies on various aspects of a human life.

Palm Reading helps one in setting foot on the right path of life with absolute predictions. It provides relevant information of life like health, career progress, marriage and love life. The color, shape and lines present in one’s palm is keenly observed to secure the possible combinations and results. In some cases the length of the fingers are also taken into account to retrieve important information about ones past, present and future. In various places, the spiral imprints of the fingers are also considered of utmost importance within the domain of Palmistry.

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Important reading in palmistry includes Life line, heart line, mind line, fate line and marriage line that are predominantly found on an individual’s palm which produces information about the concerned fields of the person.

  1. Heart Line:  Used to assess Prosperity and hurdles in an individual’s love life
    Lifeline Line:  Your life expectancy rate and overall journey of life  can be figured out from this
  2. Health Line: One can assess well beings and the health related ailments you may be facing,
  3. Fate Line:  your ability to cope up with various situations of life can be ascertained with this  study
  4. Head Line:  Your wisdom and intellect can be judged with this line.

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