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Horoscope is science of predicting of individual person’s future life based on the data on position of celestial bodies at the time of person’s birth. Having knowledge about the future and its predictions may not be true in most of the cases.  But with the guidance of a highly scholar astrologer, one may discover some of the greatest mysteries of future life happenings. A Horoscope is made mainly to know in advance how the life trajectory of a person and his advancement in life. As soon as a child is born many Hindu families go on to make horoscope from a known astrologer in the family.

Shri Sai Astrologer based in Hubli is one of the best known astrology service provider in north Karnataka. We provide Expert Consultation services by analyzing your horoscope and finding out if there are any affecting planets creating problems or any negative signals creating troubles in your life.

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Horoscope consultation can be done in Kannada, Hindi, Konkani languages.