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Kundli in India is also a document considered as a guide to one’s life progress and how it takes shape over several matters related to education, career, marriage, family planning and retired life. As per Hindu beliefs, Kundli has a major significance in indicating pointers with  the future of an individual, their nature and marriage and partner compatibility.  Based on planets position at the time of One’s birth, it is strongly believed that the planets having an influence on the person can be reduced by studying the current position and the time of birth.

Janma Kundli, Birth charts, Janam Prati, Vedic Horoscope, Vedic Chart, and Hindu Chart. Astrological counselling based on Kundli Analysis is important base to study  Education, Entrepreneurship, Purchase of new property/Vehicle, Legal matters like court cases, Health Life, Children, Infertility, promotions, Unemployment and overseas travel.

Many times marriages do not take place if there is some dosha with partner kundali, astrology helps in detection of Mangala Dosha and to identify a Manglik and suggesting ways how to solve the hurdles and offering alternate ways to address.

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    We have had lots of rejections with our daughters wedding, finally we consulted Panditji and he read her kundali and gave write guidance, extremely happy with results. –  Meera Joshi