Dosha Parihara

Dosha in life is the condition that has a fault, a bad condition or an odd thing happening unexpectedly. These faults occur or are caused due to the non favoring positions of the planets in your Janma Kundali. This is primarily screened by an prolific astrologer and remedies are prescribed as part of vedic astrology and is into practice since the inception of vedic astrology.

According to astrology with dosha parihara, the planets with negative vibrations such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn etc are present in certain houses is belived to be ruining the positive effects of the horoscope.

As per Hindu Astrology we can find many types of faults and with each doshas, there are unique and specific characteristics according to the individual horoscopes and their current planet positions. An astrologer is a right consultant to identify, check and screen horoscope doshas and provide correct direction with dosha parihara. It is said the maximum faults are caused due to planet Mars position. His position can directly influence and be responsible for 100% of the doshas.  Same time dosha parihara depends on Saturn who is liable for 75% of the doshas, Sun for 50% and Rahu for 25% of influence.

Some of the common dosha with horoscope are

  • Pitru Dosha
  • Sarpa dosha
  • Vastu Dosha
  • Naadi Dosha
  • Mangal Dosha
  • Kuja Dosha
  • Rahu Dosha
  • Ketu Dosha
  • Jathaka Dosha

Pandit Vijaykumar Shastri is renowned astrologer and has mastered dosha parihara over the years in identification of dosha and providing right remedies to get rid of doaha with individual study of horoscope.

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